Experienced and Reliable Handyman who can handle major Electrical Services regardless of wiring, lighting, socket, water heater and many more. We take care of your problems and ensuring your home safety is our priority.

  • 电线安装 electric wiring
  • 灯光安装 light installation
  • 换插座 socket charge
  • 风扇安装 installing fan
  • 热水器安装 installing water heater
  • 电视机安装 installing television

Plumbing Services

Two common issues most household will face which are Leaking issue and Clogged of sink and pipes. It is a hazard to every household and creating inconvenience for families. Not anymore, with SG One Stop, we are able to resolve and handle Emergency Repair & Maintenance for Plumbing & Sanitary Repair services for Residential and Industrial needs.

• 水龙头漏水 leaking taps
• 水槽和管道堵塞 clogged sinks and pipes

• 马桶维修 toilet repair
• 厨房水槽 kitchen sink plumbing

SG One Stop can help you to Repair and Renew of your Floor Tiles. Our specialists are experienced and trusted worthy in all types of Tiles. Cracks, Breaks or even Pops of floor tiles issues are never too big of a problem for our team to resolve for any residential and commercial.

  • 地砖维修 floor tiles repair
  • 地砖更换 floor tiles renewed


油漆工 Painting Services

Paint Job for HDB, Condominium, Landed and Commercial offices are our expertise. We provide quality paintwork with our skilful team. Offering you an excessive quality and beautiful finishing to your cozy home. We are experience in both residential and commercial offices.

• 补墙 mending wall

Our specialists can help you with your beautiful and expensive framed artwork to hang it on your wall. Dedicated team in handling different sizes of painting and the height of where it is supposed to be hang eventually. You name it, we deliver.

  • 吊画 hanging artwork


木工 Wooden Services

Quality Work and Professional Services of all Wood-Related furniture. We repair and replace door bucket, lock, and wardrobe as well. Our services include making furniture based on your requirements. Our team will advise you accordingly what is the best and most cost effective solution.

  • 门维修 door repair
  • 换门 door changer
  • 换门斗 door bucket changer
  • 换锁头 lock changer
  • 衣柜门维修 door wardrobe repair
  • 做新家具 making furniture


Replacement, Polishing & Repair Works of Parquet at an affordable price. Specialise in all types of wood like Oak, Teak, Burmese, Walnut, and many more. There are 7 common issues of flooring which are, Cupping, Crowning, Gapping, Buckling, Fractures, Hardwood Oxidation and Loose. All issues can be resolved with our expert team.

  • 镶木细工维修 parquet repair
  • 换镶木细工 parquet changer
  • 镶木细工油漆 parquet painting
  • 磨镶木细工 parquet milling

铁工 Iron Services

We provides Welding and repairing of Iron Gate. Protect your home and office property. 100% Secured. Welding is highly dangerous with handling of the flame and heat. We have our factory and equipment to repair and install back your gate. Specialised in Landed, Condo, HDB as well as industrial area.

• 铁门维修 iron gate repair • 烧焊 welding

Experience handyman that are skilled and experience also in other services like window maintenance, curtain installation work. With more than 8 years of handling all enquiries from Residential and Commercial projects, we are confident in delivering a professional and quality services. Feel free to drop us an email or call us.

  • 铝窗花 aluminium window
  • 铝玻璃门 aluminium glass door
  • 挂窗帘布curtain hanging


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